He Asked Me, “Why?”

He asked me, "Why?"
And I stood there still,
Trying to think,
Of some, fancy answer.

I had never really thought it through.
So I told him the straight truth,
"There are,
A few reasons", I said.

"Because, there is sadness in your eyes,
That gives you away,
And they don’t lie,
Even when you smile.

Because, I have never met someone,
So mixed up and yet so pure,
And just one hug from you,
Makes me feel so protected.

Because when you are in Love,
There may not be clear answers,
But you couldn’t care anymore,
And then there is one more thing.

In all honesty, I really have no clue,
Why I love you,
Or why I feel this way,
Except that my heart, my mind, my body.

All hint that way.
And I trust them more.
My question to you is not why,
But Why Shouldn't I?”

~ A Poem By Fizz

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  1. Beautiful expression of feelings...

  2. Very nice poem thanks for sharing this. Actually the feelings you mentioned about in your poem are true to the core, this is exactly how a person feels when he/she is in love. Being in true love is not a job that a person has to fulfill some minimum requirements, love just happens, all those factors don't matter at all.

    1. Rightly said Majaal... I agree, love just happens... :)

  3. That is beautifully expressed. Not "why" but "why not". Excellent.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement Nilanjana... :)

  4. Wonderful !!! A well written poem, I guess these thoughts are there in everyone's mind but I doubt there could be a better composition.. Kudos to your style !!!

    1. Oh Wow!!!! I am glad you liked my style Soumabha.

  5. Why love? Heart, mind and body would answer that question well. Nice poetry as always.

  6. Touching nd true

  7. Beautiful expression of feeling. My nerves are tingling after reading this.

    Lets Talk about love and relationships

    1. Calm down Jitendra... :)
      Well, I like you feedback... Enjoying them actually...

  8. Love Guru-Fizz, you know the pulse and the heart beat of lovers .. so well..
    BTW . ..sorry I was late in commenting.. although I read it long before :)
    like always whenever I read you.. i converse with the love of my life , virtually and yet so realistic !!
    Kudos to you !!

    1. Love Guru!!!! Hahaha... Well, You hit a note over here... A few of my friends call me that... Shhhh!!!! Dont tell that to anyone.

      Ok... I am a bit confused when you say - i converse with the love of my life , virtually and yet so realistic. ???? Genuinely curious... :)



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