Her Eyes Keep Haunting Me

An accident I witnessed,
All I did see were her eyes,
And for the whole day next,
I could think of nothing else.
Her eyes kept haunting me,
At work, at home,
Wherever I went,
Her deep blue eyes followed me.

I wanted to know about her,
So I mustered up my courage,
And bought her a bouquet,
I didn’t know what I would say,
I guess it didn’t matter,
What mattered was that,
My restlessness would cease!

I should have been more careful,
All the legal hassles set aside,
I had to ask her forgiveness,
For the accident I had caused.

~ A Poem By Fizz

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  1. Very nice poem thanks for sharing this. It perfectly explains how you feel about something terrible that happened unfortunately. This happens with all of us, sometimes an incident happens and we are not able to take our attention of it no matter how much we try that. Life is tough as we all know it.

  2. Nice Poem, with beautiful Lines! :)

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you Banna... (Correct me if I am wrong) :)

  4. Accidents do happen quite oft and sometimes we're the cause of it. But, how many of us have the heart to meet the victim and offer bouquets. Nice poetry

  5. quite touching with high sense of empathy and sympathy !

  6. Good that he had the courage to face the disaster he had caused...



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