On Being A Parent

You look into those innocent eyes,
And even though it’s the most,
Beautiful sight,
You seem to be scared for your life.

Held in your arms,
Is your new born baby,
So delicate and small,
You created him, you are her God.

And even though, she is your first,
You have already decided,
What you wanna do next,
You have read all the books.

And now that you have,
Given her a name,
And decide of all the ways you are,
Going to take care of her.

She is your angel, your little angel,
She begins to cry,
And frankly speaking,
You feel like you wanna cry too.

Challenges will be there,
Some tougher than others,
But it’s a feeling,
You wouldn't change for anything else.

~ A Poem By Fizz

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