The Weak Man

You look at me, and ask, "Am I fine?”
I give a big smile, and crack a joke,
I actually want to, tell you the truth,
I am dying a slow death,
This is not me, that you are with,
It’s just a mask of a funny guy,
I am scared of all that I have become,
Of all the lies that I have ever told,

I am not as strong as I appear,
You seem to think, I am alright,
I seem to know, I have fooled you once again,
And this is how, my woes continue,
For every time I could have told you the truth,
I choose to suffer instead.

~ A Poem By Fizz

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  1. Thats how we are, we never say what we should .....
    Ohh very human.....

  2. perfect narration of painful sobbing heart in love !! Bravo lady !! you know love so well

  3. Most of us put on a mask in Life...lead a life of duplicity...very well put dear!!

    1. Yes we do... I am glad you understood the poem so well, Aditi. :)

  4. Pain in words, put beautifully.



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