I Do Believe

I was all alone,
Walking by the street,
But that was not all,
Loneliness walked with me.

It’s funny how,
It strikes even in a crowd,
You want to share your joy,
But everyone's new.

Even around friends,
You seem to question yourself,
You wonder if it’s you,
Or is it just bad luck.

I was all alone,
Sad with my destiny,
Hoping that Love will,
Someday walk with me.

Some days are hard,
Especially Valentines,
But then I make up my mind,
And try to be strong.

Chances I had a many,
But it wasn't Love,
So I gave it up,
Cause I believe in Love.

All I have to do is wait,
For a day will come,
When I am not alone,
And my loneliness is not eating me up.

Love will walk me thru,
My life and hers too,
So wait for some time,
Cause that will be how my story ends.

~ A Poem By Fizaah Faiyaz


  1. once in Love .. no matter love is with you or not. u are a loner .. and probably you choose initially to be with that special one and then when you wish to get back to the world around. its too late .. most of the times .. not that the world wont accept you back.. its just that you have become a a loner ..
    I could feel this while reading between your amazing composition !!
    Fabs !!

    1. mysay, you are starting to read my thoughts now... :)

  2. It's a nice one reflecting a person's state who seeks for the right person to come by and makes his / her life beautiful :)

  3. Can relate to this poem! I'm waiting for that day too! :) Beautifully written Fizz!

    1. Sri, you and me are connected now in waiting as well :(

  4. Replies
    1. Is that why your blogs name is "Wait For It", Akash?

  5. Fizz, came across one of your poems yesterday on one of my friends' fb wall.. And just couldn't resist visiting your blog here.. I'm simply awe-struck by your poetry dear!! Can't stop reading them again & again.........
    And a special mention for this particular one, "I Do Believe".. It seems as if i've found someone, a soulmate maybe, who's actually managed to pen down my heart :) Each & every word seems to come out of my heart!!!!!
    Absolute fab.. Keep up the amazing work dear!!

    1. Sonali, First of all, let me thank you from the bottom of my heart for your comment. It is very thoughtful of you to write and appreciate our writing this way... :)



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