I Sat By His Side

I sat by his side,
Not wanting him to leave,
I wanted to tell so much more,
But time was not on my side.

And I didn't want to see into his eyes,
Because I knew I could,
Certainly cry.
Could you please ask him to stay?

And he kept talking,
And all I wanted to do,
Was slip my fingers into his,
And lay my head on his shoulders.

And I nodded once or twice,
We promised to stay in touch,
A few years later, I sat through the wedding,
Wondering about that one time and all the worry.

I should have had more faith in him,
I should have believed in him then,
I should have known that a year later,
He would confess his love for me.

~ A Poem By Fizz


  1. I like the composition. It's beautiful packed with emotions.

    1. Awwwhhhh... I am glad you liked it Arumugamji. :)

  2. Love is faith,Faith is Love..Loved the Lines.. :-)

  3. I like your poem ....true words :)

  4. well.. love is a comibination of so many mixed emotions .. you have mastered the world around the word love , dear poetess .. u leave me speechless everytime

    1. And your comments leave me speechless everytime mysay!!!! :)

  5. Why are sad lines the most poignant beautiful - ? Love how you bring in the reader as if they are with you - thats the power of poetry, you did that so well...

    1. The answer to that question is quite a tricky one. But in all honesty, its because we identify ourselves with it.

      Thank you for your kind words Inner :)



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