The Cracked Mirror

I look at the glass, cracked,
Worried about the mirror,
I keep staring at it,
A day goes by,

Each day, I try to mend it,
Some cello tape, some glue,
Something that might just fix it,
My obsession is my passion.

But with each passing day,
I make it worse,
My husband says, we need
To have it removed.

I don’t wanna let it die,
Even by the cracks,
I cut my finger,
Trying to fiddle.

It hurts, it pains,
I take a hammer and,
Start breaking it up,
A tear rolling.

That mirror was me,
I saw my life,
A reflection of it every day,
It was my marriage too.

And it is falling apart,
No matter what I do,
I can’t mend that,
I will have to let it go too.

~ A Poem By Fizz

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  1. Beautiful Composition..Life as a Mirror where we see ourself..

  2. let go ... the cracks speak out .. let go yells the mirror !!! Fabulously weaved !!

    1. I wish it did...
      Actually, it did... We just quieten it.

  3. An old adhesive ad says: "Mends everything but broken hearts." Just remembered it while reading your poem.

    1. I think Time is an adhesive that should help mend broken hearts. :)

  4. hmm interesting post ... something which connects me with my inner soul ! my mirror ! well expressed and composed Fizz !

  5. Beautiful poem Fizz! Heart or Mirror once broken can't be restored like before..



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