The Shackles Of Chain

I am chained through my body,
No sign to escape,
I wriggle and struggle,
But nothing seems to change,
All the time, all I can hear is,
The sound of metal and my heart beat,
I don’t know which is louder,
I look around all alone,
I am in a room that is completely pale,
I scream and shout,
But nobody comes to my rescue,

Is this a foul game, I ponder,
Should I have to play by some rules?
All this thinking is making me dizzy,
Freedom is on my mind,
How did I end up like this, I can’t recall,
This is how life is treating me,
Everything else is just a figment of that.

~ A Poem By Fizz

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  1. sound of metal is quite soothing :) beautiful composition!

    1. Thanks Jahid... What does the sound of metal remind you of?

  2. Nice Lines..And this is the case with everyone else,we are chained one way or the other

  3. Well expressed .. those unheard chained feeling ...



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