I Hate Love Songs

I hate listening to all the Love songs,
Cause it reminds me of my story,
That went a flop,
And I had to pick up the pieces,
Of my broken heart,
Which wasn't fun,
And I said, no more to this love,
Shall it ever come to me.

But these songs are driving me crazy,
They keep breaking my resolution,
My lover was a fake,
I don’t want the music,
Please shut it off, for my sake.
And take it all away, far away from me.

~ A Poem By Fizz


  1. I think It happens with everyone.I don't hate them but yes it makes me very emotional

  2. It redminds me of Sharabi, Agar wo nahin aayi tho mujhe zindagi bhar in mombattiyon se nafrat ho jayegi....

    Good poem and there's always a hope for the best in future as everything that happens is for our good.

    1. Hahaha... A classic movie... :)

      Thank you Fayaz

  3. Liked your poem. Quite emotional. I hope you will like the love songs once again...

    1. Aamjunta...Dont worry I am already on the road to recovery!!!!

  4. It's better to have loved and lost than not to have loved at all, a cliched saying but a wonderful one. I have not lost in the process and don't think I will either. Yet I have no fancy for love songs. Too old for them, perhaps.

    1. Hahaha.... Songs will always be songs... Age has no bar... I love classics...Infact I am more partial to them... :)

  5. read that poem 4 times just to find rhymes. Not complaining but i dont know when i see a poem, rhymes are the first thing that comes into my mind. By the way, poem is good. meaningful to some.

  6. a different style of poem and a nice one too.



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