The Rains Are Singing

I look outside,
My window,
And there beside me,
Weeping loudly,
Is the sky itself.

But I find it,
Comforting instead,
Because I soon see,
The joy that it brings to me,
And to everyone around.

I see kids dancing,
On the rooftops,
And a few playing,
Football in the mud.

I gaze above,
And can see the,
Mountain bright green in colours,
Shying behind,
The mischievous clouds.

And I look at the buildings,
And earth below,
Everything looks like,
They enjoyed the bath, it reflects,
In their vigilant and refreshed look.

And then floating about,
Is the heavenly scent,
Of mud,
That’s just been woken up.

I start to make up plans,
Of the long drives,
And the journeys I would take,
And relinquish in the beauty,
That nature has to offer.

I then make myself a cup of tea,
And very softly, I realize,
The rains are speaking,
And singing their own song,
I think I will join them soon.

~ A Poem By Fizz


  1. for ... happiness is to be felt ... doing things from within ..
    beautiful as again !!

    1. Thank you mysay...
      Wish you loads of happiness too :)

  2. And the journeys I would take. . .Nice poem. . . :)

  3. okay okay, you heard the rain sing,
    but then, girl what is the main thing.
    i think it's the emotion inside you,
    that makes everything wonderful around you.
    they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder,
    wihtout people like you this world would be so colder.
    Be yourself, keep dreaming and never give up on anything,
    Coz I heard, you heard the rain sing.

    1. Wow... Did the poem just inspire the poet in you?
      Well, I am glad if it did. What can I say more than, A big big Thank you with a smile. :)



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