What You Mean To Me

I cannot explain,
What you mean to me,
Cause words just don’t justify,
Anything anymore.

I never knew what was Love,
Or what was pain,
Till the time you came,
Into my life.

I wish I could change,
Back time,
And do things differently,
But that’s just one wish.

Another would be to ask,
You to be included,
In my destiny,
Do you think it shall agree?

To look at you and see you,
And to know that it’s not,
Meant to be,
Even when I know.

Yes, I know that you Love me too,
But our worlds are opposite,
And it hurts the most,
Just not to expect.

~ A Poem By Fizz


  1. intense !! touchy !

  2. It hurts not to expect...bt thats the only option...gud one!

  3. " it hurts - just not to expect ..."

    I think you 're a very sensible, sensitive writer and will do well in life - cuz theres a thinker here, and that's a priceless gift... :) cheers

    1. Glad you liked it!!!! And many thanks for all the compliments :)



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