Could We Have A Second Chance?

I was so much in Love with you,
That I couldn't see,
How I was suffocating you,
Trying to catch on so tight.

I couldn’t see the way,
You were trying to adjust,
Somehow, nothing was as good for me,
So I started to crib, cry and manipulate.

I had my issues and I now realize,
How I needed to first take care of me,
And then try to love someone else,
And I am still wondering how to apologize.

I never wanted you to leave or,
For us to have all those fights,
I wanted you to stand and just,
Hold me tight and make me feel loved.

I know that it’s too much to ask,
But I still love you,
Do you think you would like,
To give us a second change?

~ A Poem By Fizz



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