Free of Regret

A question requiring an answer
For a decision that I need to make,
Will it be the right one?
Or a life altering mistake?

Uncertain of the outcome
A conscious conclusion is finally made,
Life goes on, the world keeps turning
Unknown to the price I have paid.

The years add more notches of wisdom
Yet I can't free the doubts and the fears,
Regret begins slowly emerging
My hand often wipes sorrowful tears.

I wait for a chance to turn things around
What I'd give just to have one more chance,
To undo the wrongful mistake that I made
That uncertain choice of circumstance.

Chaos, confusion, chatter and noise
Possess my mind and haunt like a ghost,
Now it is certain my decision was wrong
As I am missing what I'd never had most.

Emptiness and sorrow keep lingering on
If only I could turn the clock back,
One choice, one wrongful decision
Has it altered the course of my track?

Ego takes regret like a prisoner
Holding it captive in chains for so long,
Until in hindsight I realize, regret no longer exists
Once our truth knows our Ego is wrong.

~ A Poem By Susanna Sevander
  (Our Guest Poet of the Day)

Susanna Sevander Copyright 2013



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