The Evolution of Me

Our beautiful journey from the moment of birth
Our futures, known by only one' Man',
The battle scars we face to conquer this life
I ask "Why must we hurt, what's his plan?"

I can walk the straight path avoiding the doors
Lose the key for the fear of more pain,
Or  I can stand at the crossroads with courage and faith
And belief I will dance in the rain.

For each step that I take along my destined path
Each hurdle I jump, climb or leap,
I gain much needed wisdom and knowledge to learn
That I do sow the seeds that I reap!

Spiritual growth, compassion and love
And the strength to face all that will be,
Helped me answer that pondering question of life
I often asked, until I found that key.

A content sense of being, with out any more questions
Just a knowing of what is, will just be,
Through the triumphs and failures of climbing life's mountains
I answer " It is all for the evolution of me".

~ A Poem By Susanna Sevander
    (Our Guest Poet of the Day)

Susanna Sevander Copyright 2013 


  1. Simply awesome...only a diamond knows hw much it has 2 undergo 4 dat sparkling shine...nd d one who handles it d most 1 day or d other becomes KOHINOOR



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