The Window

Its late at night,
And I look out,
Through my window.

Empty streets,
With a few lights on,
But it’s not what I am looking at.

The reflection on the window glass,
Shows a nearly empty room,
With a silence maintained.

I work throughout the day,
Long hours, no time to spare,
If only you ask me why.

I would have to say,
To escape the hollowness of my life,
To run away from the truth.

I know not what to do,
I stare at the road below,
Morning will soon be there.

~ A Poem By Fizz


  1. A close friend recently shared something similar with me. She has a great extra-curricular activity record and she always seems to be doing something - sports, student club stuff, reading, cooking. But according to her, she immerses herself in such random work because if she does not, then she has to confront the hollowness of her life, of being stuck in a college she doesn't like with people she doesn't care about and studying subjects she would rather not.

    So I understand the sentiment behind this piece. Well written. Keep it up.

    1. It was quite brave of your friend to confess all this to you... And I am sure you must be a great friend to confess to...

      Life is such...but as one of my fav authors - Brene Brown says "Life is all about connection and compassion".

      I do hope the best for the both of you. :) and thanks for sharing your thoughts...

  2. Nice poem. . . a G+ for ur Post and Have a Nice Day. . . :)

    1. Thank you so much... and wish you a wonderful day ahead too :)

  3. life wen people see it is so good and happening for many but wen we see it we know where it is empty and hollow for us..very deep thought put in the poem...loved it..:)

    1. Welcome back Vaisakhi.... Where have you been Girl? Missed you though provoking and inspiring comments...

      I cant agree more with you... Life is quite complicated...



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