Time Stares At Me...

A cup of coffee,
Its early morning,
And I seem to be drifting away,
Everything’s like clockwork,
I am way ahead of my schedule.

At the place of work,
All seems well,
Known people,
Talking and gossiping.

Even a minute feels long,
I want to escape,
I run, but return back,
To the same spot.

Someone approaches,
A casual talk,
I burst aloud, not knowing why,
Angry with the world.

I want to drive away,
Find my peace and my groove,
But reality is here,
Should I say I am sorry?

I keep mum,
It will all cool down,
I hope or maybe I want,
Someone to shout.

That’s the only way,
I would feel Alive,
It’s complicated,
Like a Jigsaw Puzzle.

My humour, my saviour,
But it seems to have been,
Takeover by rage,
Something’s not right.

But what?
Time stares back at me,
I stare back,
Confused, hurt and all alone.

~ A poem By Fizz



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