Acid Rain

Her father’s princess,
innocent she is
before turning numb
letting her inner self freeze

The morning sublimed to dusk
early for her, that day
when she stepped to move out,
to be an unfortunate prey

Dark clouds of hatred,
aroused few manly insane
who on being refused by her,
attacked her with the ‘Acid rain’

A mere ‘No’ is what,
She painfully paid for
For the rest of her life, she left
resisted to regain, her lost adore

Her blue eyes now,
doesn't hold the vision
overfill with desperate tears
due to an obvious reason

Within a blink of an eye
she lost everything, she possess
though fighting within
to get back her social access

‘Grow up’ is the term
for all, who still conceive
that love respect is anything
that can forcibly, be achieved

Neither a law, nor a nation
can stop such shameful brutality,
Only a self-awaken reform within
can change that stubborn and impaired mentality.

Dedicated to all those unfortunate girls, who've gone through an acid attack!

~ A Poem By Mohit Sharma
(Our Guest Poet of the Day)

Copyright 2013 Mohit Sharma

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