Don't Treat Me Like A Stranger

Friendship with people is disappointing,
I know not whom to trust.

It was like a game of Chinese whisper,
I could see everyone talking,
Softly into each other’s ears.

A couple of people I had known,
So I tried to hear too,
And sensing my approach, they stopped.
But I had heard enough.

What has this world come too?
When people discriminate like this,
Divide people in terms of religion.

People who suffer are scared,
They tend to over protect,
The lines of difference,
Only becomes stronger.

I can fight back, when subject to it,
But what do I do,
When the hurt is more in terms of gossip?

It’s more like a sword in my back,
People look the same,
Then how can you tell,
What poison brews in them.

I open a book,
At least it doesn’t differentiate.

~ A Poem By Fizz


  1. It is indeed a deplorable habit to discriminate thus and must be so painful for the receiver.Very well written.

    1. It is, Indu... It truly is... Discrimination is one of the worst...

  2. How true is this.."I open a book,
    At least it doesn’t differentiate."



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