Its 12 in the night,
And I look into the sky,
As I sit about alone,
I want to hear some answers,
But all I get is the silence.

I wonder what I got,
When I did what I had to do,
When people kept telling me to do,
But I was too stubborn and a fool.

I look back upon the time,
When things were simpler than it seemed,
I had a world to conquer, and its years later,
Wonder where that world has disappeared,
Or whether I was too foolish to think so.

I stare again at the sky,
I am defeated and scared, my energy lost,
I fought my battle,
The wounds are lethal,
The pain, the failure too excruciating.

My eyes close slowly,
I can see the clouds with the silver lining,
They are my hope,
I am wide awake again,
Its morning, And maybe I will be alright.

~ A Poem By Fizz


  1. "I look back upon the time,
    When things were simpler than it seemed"

    Awesome lines

    1. Thanks Karanvir... :)
      We all wish for things to be simpler...

  2. I relate to this.... beautifully written...

    1. Thank you so much Shaz... Life is Life... We all need some purpose to hold onto...



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