I Am Tired!!!!!

I am tired,
I am tired of being alone,
And calling your name,
I am tired of weeping out,
And feeling insane,

I am tired of running thoughts,
Having your memories and you,
I am tired of getting hurt,
And still finding in my heart you,

I am tired when I am unable to sleep,
Wishing to hear from you all night,
I am tired of waking up in the morning,
Hitting the fact you are not in my sight,

I am tired of every day,
Knowing they are slipping away,
I am losing my youth, my energy,
But finding you always in my pray,

I am tired of await not seems to end,
And the heartache tearing me apart,
I am tired of dreaming you to be mine,
To give you all of my soul and heart,

I am tired of life without you,
I am tired of breath I take,
I am tired of my failure to see you,
Inspite of all efforts I make,

But inspite of all my tiredness,
I still have hope inside too,
I am tired of searching the reasons,
Why I am not tired of loving you!!!

~ A Poem By Farhat Shafique
 (Our Guest Poet of the Day)

Copyright 2013 Farhat Shafique


  1. I am tired of searching the reasons,
    Why I am not tired of loving you!!!
    The most beautiful line quoted by u...
    Loved it....

  2. I live to convert that Thought In to my string...Hi, Farhat Can you please give a vocal to my string...
    ~ Deepak

  3. Sentimetous...fantistic heartious ...wordless..!

  4. Vani chanti chirivoluOctober 19, 2013 at 7:43 PM

    Wow Farhat, supereb I am spechless dear...



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