I Didn't Fit In His World

I had waited,
For this moment for too long.
He was finally returning,
From his trip abroad.

And on our ride back home,
He remained too quite,
And when I asked,
He blamed it on the flight.

So I dropped him home,
And went my own way,
Trying to gauge,
Our situation.

It is true,
We didn't speak like before,
It’s true, I felt,
He had changed so much.

But I had loved him,
For so long now,
That I couldn't give up,
So easily.

And then it finally happened,
We went to our favourite,
Restaurant, after the desert,
He caught my hand.

He said he was sorry,
He had roamed the world,
And found who he was,
And “that someone” was no more in love.

He wanted a world that,
Was different,
And somehow,
I didn't fit into that world.

I slapped him hard,
And said, "Thank You!
You just saved my life.
I shouldn't be marrying a jerk like you."

~ A Poem By Fizz


  1. A heart crunching story narrated poetically...

  2. Appearance of your blog is very attractive. One can be instantly attached to it. Your poetry is also beautiful and soothing. It sort of reveals your soul. Keep writing.

    1. Thank you so much Mr. Ray... I really appreciate your comment and thank you for the inspiring thoughts... :)



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