The Words Are Vanishing!!!

The words are vanishing,
From my vocabulary,
The day you walked away,
Leaving my soul empty,

I cried a lot hiding,
And thought I would be OK,
But later I realized,
You didn't leave alone that day,

I tried to express my pain,
And want to write them down,
But then I got to know,
You have taken away my crown,

I have searched my mind,
And through my soul,
But couldn't write a sentence,
Leave about my agony whole,

And now I am suffocating,
Keeping inside the ache of thee,
As words are vanishing away,
From my vocabulary!!!

~ A Poem By Farhat Shafique
(Our Guest Poet of the Day)

Copyright 2013 Farhat Shafique


  1. Farhat u r superb, wat a poem u wrote, really its awesome yaar,i really liked it.

  2. wonderful expression of sentiments



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