A Cup of Coffee

I sip my coffee
sitting in the far corner
of the old coffee house
while outside,
a few pigeons flutter,
on the busy side-walk

As I twirl my cappuccino a bit,
with the shining silver spoon,
I hear the old man sitting on the next table,
chuckle out loud,
reading the day's newspaper

As I sip my hot cuppa
more indulgently with a smile,
I see a young couple hug each other,
and then the young girl dash into a waiting car

As I sip my coffee with a joie de vivre,
I over-hear a musical band,
practice a tune to perfection,
while outside,
a few flutter,
on the busy side-walk.

~ A Poem By Avijeet Das
(Our Guest Poet of the Day)

Avijeet Das, © 2013

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