Flaming Moon

Moon stops a while, glides motionless,
twinkling stars hide and seek, in silent glee,
soft, sweet summer breeze, gently rustles,
fragrance of lavender, wafts in the innocent air,
black night dances along, unfolds tenderly,

Listening to the silent song of the night,
we lay together on the grass, delightfully,
her head nestling on my arm, hands clasping my shirt tightly,
she moves a bit, tenderly, enraptured in some beautiful dream,
sweet summer breeze flows along, caressing tenderly.

She stirs a bit, awakens slowly,
smiling shyly, beautiful doe eyes look into mine,
our hands touch, silky skin in radiant glow,
we turn, lips touching, slowly, delicately,
she sighs, comes closer, snuggling in once again,
beautiful black night dances along, lingering tenderly.

~ A Poem By Avijeet Das
(Our Guest Poet of the Day)

Avijeet Das, © 2013

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