Life Keeps Repeating Itself.

Life keeps repeating itself,
The same story,
A broken heart,
And all the tears.

For some time, I wondered,
Why things kept happening to me?
And then I saw the pattern,
That only I could see.

I chose to be this way,
Liking all the wrong guys,
Unavailable, dishonest, cowards,
And I didn't want to believe it.

It was true,
But I always blamed myself,
And I wish I had seen it earlier,
Would have saved me a lot of pain.

So now, I am telling my story,
To inspire all you fools,
To tell everyone that,
Not all are ready to fall in Love.

Some just cry and cheat,
And blame the world,
And are satisfied only in,
Their misery.

In case, you come across,
Such a person,
No, don’t try to change them,
Let them be.

Move on, Cause,
We deserve much better,
This truth we shall,
Soon find out.

~ A Poem By Fizz


  1. Expecting and Accepting are two faces of the same coin. Life does not wait for us to get back on the track. All it does is teaching us to MOVE ON WHETHER WE DROWN IN TEARS OR SWIM IN SMILEEEEES :)

    1. I guess, it is the harsh reality that one has to accept, Veena... Thank you for the kind words... :)

  2. True,one should not commit the same mistake twice.There is no dearth of pretenders.

    1. Right said, Indu... I sure as am glad that you agree.... :)

  3. Love has different colors... u never know ...

  4. whatever it was surely they were the choices we made were they not???
    well this is what i think apart from this ur write is beautiful.

  5. Oh yeah,and thanks for visiting my blog



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