A smile for Tomorrow

Every time I behold the sky
On its gleaming and murky time
I thank God I’m alive, and I realized
There’s no reason to feel bad.

In any moment of the day
A vast luck or dire news happens
I just looked at thy graces, and I realized
There’s no reason to feel bad.

Every time I mourn for my failure
I feel like I was Miss Vain
But looking at the people along the streets
I could say there’s no reason to feel bad.

As I wake in every morning of my being
I always rush and end up with ruined plans
But witnessing those who patiently wait and aim
Makes me find no reason to feel bad

I was then looking for an evidence of word “identical”
But never had I found two, like peas in the pod
Oh, how could I feel so bad?
And in the this world where each entity varies
A dazzling day waits

~A Poem By Joyce Tan Catain
(Our Guest Poet of the Day)

Joyce Tan Catain, © 2013

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