Heart Broken in 2013

Lets Rewind to the Best of 2013. Here's a look at the Top Heart Break Poems of 2013.

I walk alone on the road,
And for some time now,
It seems too long,
So I look behind...
For all the times, I was there for you,
For all the times, I cared,
For all the times, I spoke to you,
Do me a favour, just go to hell...

I Love you,
More than I can ever hate you,
But what good does that do,
Cause you still are not by my side...

Sometimes I see that you are not looking at me.
And that’s when I realize, that all this is a LIE.
I look at you and pray thru,
I wish this wasn’t happening and none of this was TRUE...

I keep the phone,
Trying to evaluate my feelings,
The news was devastating, 
Or so I thought...

In case, your heart has been broken, hang in there. You are not alone. And Hope 2014, bring you a better tomorrow.

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