Living Desert

Formed by harsh winds and blinding dust,
unending movement, vigorous gusts,
shaping those great patterned dunes.
Like huge beached whales
they inhabit the land.

Mixes of cobalt and cerulean,
color a sky, brilliantly blue - heaven,
it travels for miles.
Not a 'sense' of rain or wisp of cloud,
only a tiny windy whisper
that makes no sound.

A flash of wings!
A seeking vulture on a hunger quest,
a lonesome eagle, flying  with ease,
feeling his freedom,
in the cool heavenly breeze.

Its inhabitants seem lost,
always seeking a cool spot,
or food - an intelligent battle
at all costs.

Unheard and unseen,
they know their way.
Find a mate. Procreate.
Conflicts to elude,
battles to overcome,
then another day they will welcome
with the rising of the sun.

The death of one,
is gain for another.
Traces of those who have lost
to the land,
their sun bleached bones
litter the sand.

Camel Thorn trees abandoned
in patterned pans,
like sentinels they stand.
Outstretched limbs, heaven bound,
silent prayers they send no doubt -
for a little respite
from the incessant drought.

A  thousand years wise, unending skies,
the desert survives.
Its unfading beauty,
quiet, mysterious and grand.
A refuge to fauna and life-giving flora,
enduring, evolving.
The desert -
beautiful, self-sustaining land.❤

~A Poem By Caroline Street
(Our Guest Poet of the Day)

Caroline Street, © 2013

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