Love in 2013

Lets Rewind to the Best of 2013. Here's a look at the Top Love Poems of 2013.

Is this feeling called love.
When I can't stop giggling,
Like a small girl, while talking to you?
Or when my day feels incomplete...

Don't colour me Red,
Don't colour me Blue,
But colour me with,
A colour that’s true...

For every time that I feel lonely,
I close my eyes and there you are by my side,
For every time that I get a scolding,
I remember the times we were together...

He asked me, "Why?"
And I stood there still,
Trying to think,
Of some, fancy answer...

Love was a word unknown to me,
Till the time you seemed to walk into my life.
We were just friends at first,
But with time, we grew much closer...

Now is the time to be in Love. If you Love someone, then say it out loud!!!



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