Missed in 2013

Lets Rewind to the Best of 2013. Here's a look at the Poems We Love, but didn't get the much deserved attention in 2013.

A hard time at work,
Hell in the train,
What pulls me through,
Is a thought of you...

You were my addiction,
Your thoughts running through me,
Every single moment.
I could feel you everywhere...

I miss the feeling of being complete,
Though there’s nothing at all missing in my life.
I miss that one special hug that could ease all the tension & grief,
Though I’ve innumerable people...

I got to tell you something,
I simply cannot wait,
For you to realize anything,
Or how much I want you in my fate...

You stay away from me,
Knowing that I love you,
You treat me like a stranger,
And that hurts me a lot...

Life is all about some opportunities Missed and gained... Wishing you a Happy 2014!!!!

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