River Of Time

Underneath the old railway bridge
Of rusted steel and aging concrete
Basking in the baking sun
The Sabie River runs.
Constant in its grace
Today it moves at snail's pace
Silvery gray is the suns soft touch
Golden brown is the deep cool shade.

A watery home for the pod of hippo
A place of peace for the Nile crocodile;
The river flanked by long sweet grass -
A gift from the summer rains
Shades the sleeping buffalo.

Bushveld trees like sentinels they stand
Sheltered homes to the flocks of birds -
Their sweet song mingles
With the cool breezes
Of the rustling grass.

The occasional snort of the hippos
The far-off echo of the sun beetles
Is all that can be heard.
A lazy afternoon spent, intent
On the quiet splendour of nature
Still warm as it moves to dusk
Preparations in place for the stars
Still bottled in jars.

An eco-system so diverse,
Supporting all from the tiny bee-eater
To the lumbering great elephant;
A poet and artists inspiration
To feel, to see, to love, to live.❤

~A Poem By Caroline Street
(Our Guest Poet of the Day)

Caroline Street, © 2013

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