Standing Still
In the midst of silence
Only whispers I heard
I beg your pardon!

Confusion clouded the space between
The mist folds its mystery
I could only feel deceit
Truth tangled up in my doubtful heart

Escaping from the hazy illusion of mist
It spoke loudly without a form
It aches to clench on my heart's understanding
So I build walls and mystery to keep under wraps

Forgive me for my spitefulness, it scares me to know
That our truth may possibly same;
O'er, silence undeniably holds its stand,
Then firmly spoke, set forth!

Was never free of questions
Yet, its freedom to rile my vulnerable mind,
Is wearying; Pardon me!
But my answer defies captivation.

~ A Poem By Joyce Tan Catain
(Our Guest Poet of the Day)

Joyce Tan Catain, © 2013

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