What the Year Gave Me.

I sit to reflect the year gone by,
And frankly speaking,
I want to know,
Whether it was good or bad.

So there was the happiness of the New Year,
A few parties here and there,
Much more extravagance on fb.

Loads of gossip running by me,
Learning soon that they are such a waste,
More so somebody's insecurities,
Stop! I won’t partake in any.

I left a job, got one too,
Pace matters, growth matters,
Finally, I realize money matters,
For those around you.

Friends, Family, People that I knew,
Some left, some returned,
The psychology of my soul,
Suffering from all the marol.

Love is such a universal word,
Bonds time and again tested,
Families nuclear or joint,
Love what would we do without you?

Death, why do you strike so deep?
And yet through it all life just moves on,
I shed a tear here and there,
But mostly for the manner in which they lived.

Surrounded by people,
Alone at times,
Me played such an important role,
In my life.

Joy, sadness, emotionally practical,
Lessons learnt with experiences gained,
And yet I will make mistakes,
Human that I am.

As I sat to reflect,
I never thought such would be my insights,
Good and bad, there are all mine,
And they help me in being Me.

~ A Poem By Fizz



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