Why I Left You

I know I packed my bags in a hurry,
Left you stranded, lost and worried.
I know I didn't do right by you,
But for that and lots more,
Let me start by saying - Sorry!

My parents were looking a partner for me.
Me being me, avoided and ran away.
I thought with time they would soon give up.
We were in a good place in our relationship.
And that would for the time stay that way.

What a naive fool, I was!
To think in such a manner.
They never gave up and it was becoming too late,
I had to speak up.
But wasn't too sure of the end.

On the given day I left in a hurry,
It was that time or too late.
For long I had been too weak.
And frankly speaking, I was scared of everything. .
But your love was a thing I was sure of.

I didn't want you to be worried,
So I said less, embraced you and left.
My family were shocked, hurt too,
And there was too much convincing to do.
But I didn’t relent and they agreed.

There are so many things I have to say,
I love you so much is one,
and that I hope you'll realise,
from now on things will only get better.
You and me, we will always be together.

In Response to 'You Were Leaving Me'

~ A Poem By Fizz ©


  1. Touching lines. Hope things will get better.

  2. touching poem...u write really well! :)

  3. Beautiful poem Fizz! Hope everything gets better from there :)

    1. I hope for the same too Sri.... :)
      How are you doing BTW?

  4. Flowing lines turning into poem....as if it's written with such a great ease!! Beautifully crafted!!

    1. Thank you so much Hemant for understanding... :)

  5. awesome peotry..... really liked it.

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    2. Glad you liked it Divyank... :)
      P.S: Nice write up on your blog...



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