Won't My Mom Be So Proud?

Wont my Mom be so proud?
Her child is finally home today.
I can still hear the celebration aloud.

For every other season, that I have been missing,
Spending time away drinking and partying.
People tried to call. I couldn't be bothered.

But it’s different this time.
To my senses I am,
In search of forgiveness.

So I packed up my bag and ran home.
Everyone’s surprised and questioning my daftness,
But all I seek is solace.

There’s gonna be loads of prayers and happy cheer,
Delicious food and clothes to wear,
A Christmas tree in the room and mistletoe.

Helping with the chores had already begun,
I am trying to be an ideal offspring.
So what if, I have made mistakes?

So what if I was too carefree?
All that matters now is my family,
And it’s Christmas, so I have already burnt the demon in me.

With lots of love I move forward,
To fulfill all the promises I have vowed, so for this New Year,
I am beginning a new life; won't my mom be so proud? ©

~ A Poem By Fizz


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    1. Thanks a lot Aayesha... I feel truly honoured... :)



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