You Were Leaving Me

You were leaving me
to go to meet your family,
I was confused,
Didn't know what to do,
There were things I had to say,
There were things I wanted to talk,
But you just packed your bag
and started to move.

I wanted you to stay,
Be by my side,
And talk everything out,
I started to follow and run,
Said, I would leave you,
Till the gate.

You walked beside me
while I talked all silly,
Because I couldn’t bear the silence
that had suddenly come between us,
I wanted you to confess
where I stood in your life,
But no, you didn’t say a word -
Just kept strutting.

I wanted you to hug me tight
kiss and say, everything’s alright
that you would return to me,
and it was just a matter of days.
You did embrace and that felt so good.
Was the gap filling on its own?

You rode away on the bike,
And I stood there for some time
hoping that you would return,
And say that you did Love me,
But I guess you didn’t realize!

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~ A Poem By Fizz ©



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