For The Last Time

I had to meet you for,
The last time,
Cause something was dying,
And it was not you or me.

I had to see it in your eyes,
Because you refused to speak,
And I didn't want to believe it.

So I called you up,
And insisted on us meeting,
You didn't realize,
That this was the last thread.

We met like we always met,
I was fighting with myself,
Trying to hide my feelings.

This was a guy who had loved me once,
But not anymore and
I could see it now,
I just wanted to make sure.

So I kissed a good bye,
And walked away from him,
Promising myself never to return.
Not then, not ever.

~ A Poem By Fizz, © 2014


  1. Lovely lines beautifully penned down. :)
    Very well written!:) :)

  2. Cause something was dying,
    And it was not you or me liked these two lines greatly. Very powerful. Wondered why the poem changes from second person to third in the last two stanzas.

    1. Very Well observed...
      The lines changed from second to third person as an indication of the distance the protagonist is feeling.... :)

  3. heart touching composition seems u wrote watever lines came into yr mind widout thinking abt rhyming etc and tht make it perfect.

    1. Does it show? It was meant to be a secret!!!!!! ;)
      Thanks for the support Bhavana... :)



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