I Don't Want To Hide It Anymore

I don't want to hide it anymore,
I want to say it aloud,
Confess to you,
Ask you out.

I am tired of stealing glances,
I want to look at you,
Smile and blush,
Without worrying about anyone at all.

I want to dance,
With my hands holding you,
A slow number on my request.
It could later be our song.

I want to feel your touch,
Your breadth, your kiss,
You beside me,
Look at you while you sleep.

I want your fragrances to linger on me,
Even when you are not around,
To return home and see you there,
or be there when you return.

I don't want to hide it anymore,
I want to look you in the eye,
Show you the love I feel for you,
And make you mine.

~ A Poem By Fizz, © 2014


  1. Love the powerful way in which you profess your freedom of sexuality and being.

  2. I don't think I can blush, but after reading that poem... I would like to.



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