Stories Untold

I hug and kiss,
I listen to stories untold,
And then at night,
I keep analyzing.

In a world so connected,
Messages, chat, internet.
And yet I find the times of,
Pre-internet more satisfying.

I don’t know my neighbour,
And my life works 9 to 5,
I am too exhausted to go out,
And the slightest noise makes me flair up.

I look around,
And everyone’s the same,
I wonder if they are as,
Burned out as me?

Are they as lonely as I am?
Are they people lost,
Or are they Questioning,
Their existence.

I want to shake them up,
Move and shout,
But I do neither,
I just stare without a sound.

And each day, I go back to my life,
Feeling the passing years,
I kiss and I hug,
And my story will always remain untold.

~ A Poem By Fizz, © 2014



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