What Happened To You?

I once knew a person,
Full of life,
Wanted to take on the world,
With ideas and thoughts.

He knew where he was going,
And who would be joining his path,
His laughter was loud and clear,
Almost like a friendly thunder.

How come you never laugh like that now?
I know what happened on the way,
But how come you seem to have lost,
Your faith?

Were you always this way,
And I gave you more credit?
Or some wizard did some magic,
And you lost your courage?

It is never too late, they say,
As long as you believe in yourself.
And as long as you lived to tell it.
I sometimes disagree.

Most wounds take their own time,
To heal. So take all your time,
Because I need to see that person,
That Man, full of life.

~ A Poem By Fizz, © 2014



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