You Complete Me

Every time, I look at you,
There is a kind of stillness I feel,
I can't keep my eyes away from you,
Baby, you are a mesmerizer.

I steal chances to hold your hand,
An embrace, a kiss,
A touch,
Yup, that's how in love I am with you.

I am crazy, you are not,
I am lazy, you are not,
You are everything I am not,
But you never seem to complain.

You are my kindred soul,
Inspiring me to do so much more,
Around you, I can just be me,
Not a care for the outside world.

Arguments, we fight it too,
Issues, we raise a few,
Changes, we adapt,
Together, we will always make it through.

I am drunk,
And your love is driving me insane,
I feel all magical about me,
Because you are the one.

You complete me,
And you don't even know how,
Neither do I,
But you are my home. ©

~ A Poem By Fizz


  1. Sweet love poem! and cute picture <3

  2. Your poem brings out the theory of 'shadow' in psychology. We all have a shadow self: what I don't like to be; the other self which we would like to disown. But we will remain incomplete until we learn to accept it.

  3. I have interpreted the poem from a very different angle.

    1. I am glad Tomichanji that you have interpreted the poem from a very different angle. It gives a different view from the usual. Adds dimension. I can see your point. Thank you. Thank you so much.



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