Alzheimer's Sigh

HIS grey days are empty until black steals the sky 
Lost in his mind and none can say why
The nurses in white who dole out his highs
Smile nicely at him, with mock in their eyes

HE oft thinks of time and the day he will die
A dissolving memory as he starts to cry
Such sorrow he feels for the cycle of life:
Love always fades, but the scar from its knife?

NOT so long ago he could run for miles
Now he’d be lucky to get both his shoes tied
Just yesterday he had courted his bride
And watched in awe as she brightened the aisle

THE years with their kids and how they filled him with pride
As clear in his mind as the snaps he naps beside
But nevermore will he kiss them goodnight
They became adults in the blink of an eye
Last time he saw them would be four years in July
So who are these strangers he can’t recognize?

Moralities crime, the demons inside
The devils of time have stolen his mind
Tell me why, and tell him why
Tell us all why we grow old and die!

IT’S like he went to bed and woke up to a lie
With split milk in his beard and some in his eye
He stares at the mirror and curses the sky
How did he get into this body so awry?

TURNS out the light and prays a last line
Never again to chase the schemes in his mind
Like the nameless winds that stir chills down our spines
He’ll be forgotten, like an old-timer’s sigh…

~A Poem By Percy Crow
(Our Guest Poet of the Day)

Percy Crow, © 2014

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