The Insanity Of Promises Broken

We shared a love that was surely grand
you are perfect still even today
I wanted our love to learn to withstand
everything they would dare to say...
Will we ever be together?
probably not
I always refused to say never
and bravely gave it my best shot.
I realize now that I may be a fool
thinking I could be the one
but your love made me feel so cool
does a broken promise means we're done?
We never even speak anymore
who knows what you think in your head
It just means I will need to find another door
because broken promises don't mean I'm dead
I have lived with the suffering and pain too long
broken promises, I need to let go
I will rejoice again to sing another song
yet the healing of my broken heart is slow...

~A Poem By Joseph Imperi
(Our Guest Poet of the Day)

Joseph Imperi, © 2014

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