The Ring

People ask me about the ring,
Some congratulate,
While some wonder,
I just smile and change the topic.

There was once a man,
Who loved me like crazy,
And together we saw dreams,
Of our home, of children, of marriage.

And then one day,
While we sat looking,
At the sunset and the sea,
He slipped this ring into my finger.

But within a week, he left,
I didn't know where,
Though I had a clue,
I helped him pack his bag.

And while he sat in the train,
I waved him goodbye,
Hoping for his return,
But all I ever got was a letter.

I wear the ring as a reminder,
Of the soldier I still love,
Who fought for his country,
And died an honourable death.

~ A Poem By Fizz, © 2014



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