The Muse

 Image Copyrights: Murad OsmannIn life,
Always breathing,
Living my life,
As a recluse.

I live by principles,
Eat and drink in creativity,
Money, is that so important?
My condition is my own choice.

But amongst it all,
My days of salvation,
My saviour, your my friend,
My guardian, my muse.

Don’t elude me,
The way you do,
Chasing and taunting at times,
But mostly teasing.

In a room of known faces,
You have my full attention,
I walk towards you,
You run away to the contrary.

Run, run as far as possible,
But how long before you shall return?
I know myself too consciously,
I inspire you too.

In life, always breathing,
Life is a single skip to joy,
Hand in hand,
Let’s not let it just pass us by.

~ A Poem By Fizz, © 2014



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