Dancing In Circles

Imagine a boy standing still,
While a beautiful girl,
Moves around dancing in circles,
All around him.

That is what I have been doing,
For years now,
Without questioning, without thinking,
Without expecting, Without saying.

And then suddenly one day,
I realized that life would be,
More wonderful, if we  did a ballet,
Or a waltz, or a salsa, anything at all.

But together something,
So I asked him out,
He stood still, literally I mean,
Looked confused, a bit hurt, laughed a bit.

And then he said,
"Don’t mind my dear, But you see,
I am not that type of a person.
I cannot dance and I do not want to dance".

With unbearable pain, I still managed to say,
"Can't you see the dance I do for you?
You are my God and it’s my devotion to you.
How can you be so cruel? Try once, only for me".

But he just stood there,
Then slowly turned away and started to disappear,
I didn’t know what more to do,
For too long, I had danced away.

It was now my life and my way,
But I had always danced in circles,
Around my love.
What would I do now?

I looked at my feet and knew what I wanted,
So I started to dance again,
But this time not in circles,
But a design of my own.

~ A Poem By Fizz, © 2014



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