Without You Mama

how come I miss you more
now you're gone
lifetime's regret squandered chances
i never knew you
didn't try
all i m i owe to you
catch myself passing on
ancient values common sense
how survive harsh world
as woman betrayed
inner strength even as heart breaking
mother hen all four chicks came
we threw flowers into your grave
cried tears remembering mama
beautiful smile spirit
lifetime's fierce devotion to family
our final farewell
i didn't want to leave you
in that damp gaping hole
you would be lonely
hating the cold
wanted to jump in
hold you one more time
i would bare feet on burning coals
swim Atlantic fight sharks
run to ends of earth
scale Everest shout from peak
for the chance to tell you
i love you
just the once
how come i miss you more
now you are gone
happy mother's day
first of many
without you

This is a Special Mother's Day Poem from Cho Wan Yau.

Cho Wan Yau, © 2014

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