Friends For Long

Years of friendship,
Of all the fights and care,
Of the times, when we grew up,
And our ties grew stronger.

When we understood the other,
More than ourselves,
Then why did love have to,
Come in between?

There wasn't a rule,
Telling me otherwise,
It was as if everything changed,

I started to feel conscious,
Of myself;
Things were never too good,
For him or me.

Anything concerning him,
Was just too big,
I wanted him to be everywhere,
I wanted him to just be there.

He thought I was acting too weird,
So I told him the truth,
And to this day,
I curse that moment.

I relive it, time and time again,
Wanting to know what else could I have done,
He walked away from my life,
And took away my best friend too.

And that is why I always say,
Girls and guys can never be friends for long,
Love has to knock at least once,
And things will never be the same again.

~ A Poem By Fizz, © 2014



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