I Remember You

I remember you,
Playing your damn guitar,
Sitting on my porch,
Trying to string a tune.

I remember you,
Reading a book,
With a pencil in your mouth,
Trying to be an intellect.

I remember you,
Running in the rain,
Enjoying the game,
Trying to play football.

I remember you,
Dressed up in your suit,
Nervous about the interview,
Trying to earn a living.

I remember you,
With an apron round your waist,
In the kitchen,
Trying to cook me a surprise.

I remember you,
Sneezing every few minutes,
But you just wouldn't see a doctor,
Trying to be a tough cookie.

I remember you,
Singing softly,
A voice so divine,
Trying to be just happy.

I remember you,
As you lay holding my hand,
Looking at me one last time,
Trying to say a final goodbye.

I remember you,
Resting peacefully,
Smiling in the casket,
You are still my angel.

~ A Poem By Fizz, © 2014



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