It's My Sweet Victory

Through all the pain and suffering,
I still carried my hope intact,
That one day, I will have my sweet victory,
And I shall be a winner after all.

So I struggled through everything,
And some days were worse than most,
I never gave up on myself,
When things were all messed up.

Slowly and steadily, I fought each battle,
Today, as I walk through,
My head held high,
My mind at peace.

I want to be thankful,
Because I am stronger than before,
And as I remember my past,
I am proud of it all.

This sweet victory, I say,
Has been well deserved by me,
And this moment is when,
Everything seems all right. ©

~ A Poem By Fizz


  1. alls well that ends well .. and yes when we have worked hard and gone trhough a lot then victory is SWEET indeed


  2. Reading the poem is a victory! Its lovely!

  3. Yeah that moment when you feel like The king of the world...:-D



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